There will be lots of ghouls, goblins and of course zombies out this Halloween. And Estately recently determined which states could best weather a Zombie apocalypse.

Yes, everyone seems to be overly obsessed with Zombies these days. But Halloween is the one day a year we will see a bunch of Zombies in our neighborhoods.

So let's say the impossible happened and there was a Zombie apocalypse this Halloween. If there were, Estately says the state of New York is the WORST place to be. They based there rankings on population, gun ownership, people who are cremated vs. buried and local interest in Zombies. Here is there full map:

Credit: Estately.Com

The best place to be? You guessed it, Alaska. But it is way to cold to go Trick or Treating there, right? I'll take my chances here in the Capital Region :)

Happy Halloween!