I guess you should now think twice before criticizing someone else for spending so much time on Facebook, their cellphones, and the like.  It became a HUGE instant pool of evidence in this Boston Marathon bombing 

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Do you BELIEVE how fast these Boston Marathon suspects were identified?  One has already been killed, and the other one will probably be apprehended by the time I post this.

Crowdsourcing is what they call it - and it's exactly what it says it is-  using the crowd as the source of your information.  The source in this case isn't rumormongering - it's photos and videos culled from thousands and thousands of people.

How they sift through 200,000 of them just boggles the mind, but according to the kypost.com, they used advanced technology to sift through it.

Using facial recognition software and other techniques, they can sift through it fast.  That must have played an integral part.

All of this made me think -  would you even CONSIDER robbing a bank these days?  You would be the ONLY one in that video.   if they can find a "needles in a haystack" like this, what are the chances that you'd get off scott free?

Seriously - three cheers for technology!  Many people poo-poo it.  It's too late to do that.  It's here to stay.  It just depends how it's used, and implemented incredibly well in this case!