Mother’s Day is Sunday. You probably got mom something very special to give to her. Maybe you also have made reservations to take her out to dinner at her favorite restaurant.


Now here’s something else that you can do for your mom. If mom likes ice cream, she is going to love this. Stewart’s Shops are offering 50 cent ice cream cones for mom on Sunday. In addition to giving your mom that special present on her day, why not add one more thing to it. Bring her Stewart's and get that ice cream cone for her.

According to the Stewart’s website, they did this last year, and more than 24,000 mothers were treated. Besides your basic chocolate, vanilla and strawberry ice cream, mom [and you] can enjoy some new, seasonal flavor favorites. In the story that I saw on News 10 ABC, Some of those featured flavors are Pecan Praline Swirl, Whiteface Fudge and Crazy Coconut.

If the little kids want to treat their mom to this ice cream special, I’m sure dad, or their sisters or brothers can help them out with this one. All you need is 50 cents to treat your mom on her very special day.

I'm wishing all of the mom’s a very happy Mother’s Day.