Do you remember how your marriage proposal went? I'm sure most people do, even the men.  But do you remember how you got to the point of proposing? I'm sure many if not all men do not know. In fact, I'm willing to bet most men stop once in a while and think, " How in the world did I get in this situation?" Well, now I have the answer.

I am sure it didn't happen exactly this way, but I do know you can really learn the most about human relations from watching kids. Watch this video carefully, and see if it doesn't ring just a little bit true. Also, as Levack mentioned to me this morning, keep a close eye on how cool , confident and collected the girl is. Man, they learn early.


Too funny! I bet he loses this one, I love you taking a stand like that brother, but they will wear you down eventually, sometimes it's just best to give in and take your medicine.

God Bless.