The death of Bobbi Kristina Brown is so darn sad. It makes me think of the incredible pain that their family must be going through, and of course more specifically Whitney Houston and her voice.  So in memory..

I know - this should be about Bobbi, and it is.  But of course one makes you think of both tragedies at once, and that makes my mind wander to the incredible voice her mother had, so I wanted to hear her again in memory

Whitney's  not "country", I know.   But then again, there is a strong country connection. As you know, Dolly Parton wrote the classic hit "I Will Always Love You" and did a fantastic job with her interpretation (of course - she created it!).

But I recently clicked on Whitney's live performance from 1999, and it just blows me away.  She had such a mastery on stage.  You can't take your eyes off of her for a second.  She hangs on every lyric and "sells it" like noone else could.

I'm actually angry to this day that this amazing talent destroyed her life, and eventually spread to her own child's very early demise.  I know that people can't help addiction, and am not out to pass judgement here, but I'm just …mad and frustrated about it, that's all.  Does it make you feel the same?

And now, let's go back in time and watch this incredible performance in memory, shall we?  And again, condolences to the family…