Don't believe me?  I'll make a fairly long story short, but I honestly did, with a picture to prove it.

 Several years ago we were on vacation and met a really wonderful couple from England, the Hearsey's.  They ended up coming to NY and staying with us, and then they returned the favor.

 Again, this is the very, very abridged version, but we ended up leaping across the pond and seeing then along with some amazing sites. 

  One site was the Gloucester Cathedral (I think, I am trying to get verification of that) , home of the actual room where they filmed the Hogwart scene from the Harry Potter movies.   With trusty camera in hand, I snapped away. 

Dorrie and I literally gasped for breath when we entered this room.  It was breathtaking (hence the name).  As you can see, the place settings were still there, and to see  all those amazing paintings on the walls-well it has to be seen to be believed, and we were lucky enough to see it! 

 I posted this because we're all still in a major movie mindset, having just seen the Academy Awards show, and also the renewed interest in Harry Potter's final installment.   

(OK, since you asked for it--I'll also throw in one more shot from that trip.  One of the HUGEST thrills of my life.  I got to walk across ABBEY ROAD!!!  (for you youngsters, that is the crosswalk in London where the famous shot of the 4 Beatles was taken for the ABBEY ROAD album cover.  )--wish I had their hair!!!

An amazing trip that was, to say the least.  Have you had any "brushes with greatness?"  Leave me a comment and I'll possibly read some on the air if we get the chance!!!)