I remember growing up thinking, imagine if cars drove themselves?  Even talking to my boys about a day in their future when the car will have “auto pilot.”  I would LOVE That!  Could it happen soon?  Maybe not as soon as I would like it, but a study done recently says a lot of us are very interested in this “extra” for our car.

Every once in a while we make those long boring drives just wishing the car would drive itself.  I mean think about it, you’re heading to Long Island for the weekend.  A decent drive, 3 hours. It’s early, you’re tired, you have a baby in the backseat who throws his toys all over the place then cries because you can’t turn around and pick them up! Then there’s traffic, just sitting there in your car not able to do anything at all wondering should I be in this lane, that lane which one is moving faster!  There are so many stressors on the road!

I have found the most amazing video for you to watch on YouTube. It is less than ten minutes long but I can assure you that you will be totally amazed the whole time. This is the ACTUAL "Google" self driving car in action. They even take it out in the city, and the highway. I still am amazed that this is ALREADY been accomplished.

Well, here is your answer.  You can now sleep, work, knit,  ANYTHING, even talk or text with your cell phone while driving!  The self-driving car.

We’ve all heard about it but would you actually buy one?