Albany area dance instructor Joyce Schelde, and her partner Jim McDermott, have been teaching country dancing in the Northeast for over 20 years.  Schelde and McDermott, who choreographed the line dance classic 'I Walk The Line (revisited), ' will be featured as special guests at the Northeast Country Dance Fest in Saratoga, New York.

Meet Joyce Schelde (aka: Joyce and Jim, Hooked On Country)

1. How did you get into Country Line Dancing?

I always liked country music. I started with square dancing many years ago. Then, I saw line dancing on TV and thought it looked like fun.

2. What is your favorite Country dance song?

You Decorated My Life by Kenny Rogers.

3. Why should people try Country Line Dancing?

It's fun and it's good exercise. The music is great, so are the DJ's, And you can make many new friends.

4. How has Country Line Dancing changed your life?

I have made so many friends and helped a lot of people who did not think they could dance. I
especially enjoyed the classes for the mentally challenged. They had so much fun and when they
did learn an easy dance we did it over and over and they were so proud that they could do the

5. Where is your favorite place in the world to go Country Line

I am happy where ever I can dance and meet my friends. Of course, many thanks to my partner Jim McDermott for all the help he has given me. The radio station's for country music and the DJ's are important, without them where would we be. Thanks to WGNA, Kevin Richards and the other DJ's.

Joyce Schelde and Jim McDermott will be featured as special guests at the Northeast Country Dance Fest at Saratoga Music Hall April 21 and 22. Click here for more information on Country Dance Fest.

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By the way, Jim McDermott is the grandfather of local hero Luke McDermott.  You can read the story about Luke by clicking here.