Casey Danton this morning is wearing a pair of those "skinny jeans".  She can get away with it.  So can some guys.  I mention SOME guys.  Maybe this guy can, but not me-as I will sing about shortly

Sorry - I don't know if this guy is a model or a celebrity.  Don't recognize him.  Many of you will recognize the skinny jeans however.  See- he can pull them off (figuratively, not literally unless you have a shoehorn).

I found out the hard way that this would not be a realistic style choice for me.  I went to a local retailer and tried a pair on.  I will now attempt to sing my tale of woe, thanks to an old Conway Twitty song that I attempted to parody - "Tight Fittin' Jeans".  Now that you've heard his version, I will give you mine!

Do you know anyone who has tried these things on and lived to tell about it?  Would love to know!  Now excuse me while I go to the doctor and get my voice readjusted!