Blame our Townsquare Media digital guru Brian Bushner for this.  He has gotten me hooked on the StumbleUpon app.  It's like the Russian Roulette of the internet.  You click on the "Stumble" button, and something totally random comes up.  You HAVE to see what I accidentally found - the most amazing pictures I've seen in yearsI love to mess around with photography.  I will readily admit that if I get a good shot it has much more to do with luck and auto settings than my skills.  Ok, a couple of my best from this year, taken on our recent vacation in Barbados

OK, enough about my attempts to get into Time Magazine

Back to what I "stumbled upon".  You have to click here to see the image slideshow from  Some will make you literally tear up.  So thanks, Brian.  That's another hour of my life I won't get back, but it was well worth it looking at these again and again.

BTW - does anyone know of a photography club in the Albany area?  If so, leave the information here.  I want to get out there more and take shots, but I need motivation.  Any interest?