A war broke out in more than 130 cities around the world. It happened this past Saturday, April 2. The weapons weren't guns or bombs, and there no deaths or injuries.

They were pillows. It was International Pillow Fight Day, creating a massive world wide pillow fight. Some of the cities it took place in were  London, New York City, Berkeley, California, Hamburg, German and many more.

This event happens every year. It's organized by the Urban Playground Movement that wants to encourage people to make use of public spaces. The event is free.  People came to join in the fight fun dressed in pajamas, dressing gowns and fancy dress clothes. Apparently, the weapon of choice for most people is a feather pillow.

Reports from AP state that "London's Metropolitan Police said Sunday that the event had been peaceful and they had no reports of any trouble." Maybe soon, we can add Albany, Schenectady, Troy, or one of our cities right here in the Capital Region.

What a great way to get people together, relieve stress and kick some pillow butt, although I wouldn't want to part of the clean up committee on this one. Do you think you'd like to a part of a pillow fight for International Pillow Fight Day?