I have to warn you , this call will probably make you laugh and cry a little. I was looking through some old tapes from "The Sean and Richie Show" archive this morning, and I came across this call from a listener named "Laurel".
It's weird because when I saw it simply titled "Sean and Laurel" I had no idea what it was about. Turns out I must have found it for a reason. Laurel called in to the show because she was sad and she wanted to hear a song. I wont get into the entire call here because you're about to listen to it, but it was her birthday and she had just lost her Mom. I'm not sure if she knew when she called but that very same week, I lost mine as well.
I just don't think there is anything that can fill that gap a person feels when their Mom passes away, and I know that today, as much as seven years ago I miss her. I would give anything to see her smile and give her a hug. So I dedicate this call to everyone out there, like myself who, on this Mother's Day, will be missing their Best Friend.

Now that you heard the call, here is the song she requested that morning. It's "If Nobody Believed in you" by Joe Nichols.

God Bless