How many of us miss our mom's cooking? It's perfectly normal, so don't be embarrased. My mom could cook a boot and it would taste great when she was done with it. LOL

I miss 2 things she made more than anything else. Other people have made it good for me, but mom always had something extra in there that made her's a little better.

The thing I miss the most that mom cooked at home for us when were growing up was home made split pea soup from scratch with ham hocks. I literally can not order split pea soup anywhere because after a few years of living out on my own it was just a giant let down every time. Usually in a diner or resturaunt it is way too salty, and runny and there is almost never any real flavor from the ham hock. Mom had this one down, and even if she gave me her recipe I just know I would screw it up.

The second was her home made pecan pie. OMG! This is to die for, and I only get to eat it every couple of years at Thanksgiving. A few of our WGNA listeners know my passion for pecan pie and haveactually made me a few out of the kindness of their hearts that were delicious too and I thank them for that. I know that your moms could cook like crazy too. What was the one or 2 things they used to make for you growing up, that nobody has ever been able to match? I want to know.