So today on The View From the Couch I attack the Red Sox fans. I know it sounds like I'm evil but as any Yankees fan knows Red Sox fans are RELENTLESS! I get it on the air, Facebook, emails, texts and eve at the super market with my kid. "Hey Levack... How about those SAWKS?" Sawks? Really? You're from Latham, where did the accent come from? Steve Caporizzo is one of my favorite people on this planet. He does great things for animals, he's the first person I go to in a storm situation and just a all around nice guy, BUT he is a rabid Red Sox fan. So every summer he and I go at it! Every morning I speak to this man and if the Sox win he mocks me. If the Yankees win it's because we bought the win. Truth is without the Red Sox fans it would be a little boring as a Yankees fan. Well you can hear all about it here.