The iconic and ironic Second City Comedy Troupe is making a whistle stop in the Albany area on October 11th, and their going to lampoon this election season like never before.  Making fun of Presidents - what a concept

I've had so much fun attempting to pick on Presidents.  I have an entire hard drive full of stuff.  My favorite world leader to lampoon was Clinton, especially during the Monica Lewinsky episode.  (It's a little embarrassing - look it up)

This was the bit I did.  It's a parody of Colin Raye's "That's My Story" (and I'm sticking to it)

mp3 version

Well, that's a blast from the past, but these guys cover THIS Presidential election cycle, and it should be hysterical.

Photo from Second City

If you'd like ticket information, you can go to

See you there!  (Warning to Barack and Mitt - if you're coming, don't sit in the front row - you're a prime target! )