At any given time during the day you can find any member of my family on Vine watching BatDad.  This guy is amazing!  He's an ordinary dad with four kids and a Batman mask.  And he's taking a really creative approach to parenting.

My kids love him, my husband wants to be him, and I'm pretty smitten too!  He teaches lessons to his kids in 6 seconds or less with a mix of humor and sarcasm that makes everyone smile.

Turner and Madelyn will watch his Vine posts and learn not to chew with their mouths open, not to swallow their gum, you have to eat your carrots, you must show your work on your math homework, and that tables are for glasses, not for asses!  So cute!

It seems like there are so many stories in the news of parents struggling, it's nice to see a refreshing story about a really good dad!

Here are a few videos of BatDad in action.  If you haven't seen them yet, you'll love them!

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