I've been lambasted, ridiculed, and shamed for wearing crew socks on the job.  I could easily be stubborn and continue to be comfortable in my admittedly "uncool" attire, but under extreme peer pressure, I have caved (but I still hate little socks) 

I HATE these dainty little things.   The heel moves into the wrong place, and sometimes they slip right under my heel because I have fallen arches. I say either wear unfashionably REAL socks and go all the way, or nothing at all, but not half way.

Which brings up a question.  Help me here.  What do you wear that you KNOW isn't "cool", "hip", "all that" or whatever, but that is so comfortable that you don't care?

Please leave me your comments.  Meanwhile I am going to rethink the fact that I backed down on my crew socks addiction.