I think this was the first dilemma that we have featured on the show where more than one person called in and said, "Wow, this is a tough one!" I think it is the delicate nature of the situation, usually with most relationship dilemmas you can get away with , "hey just talk about it." but in this case it goes along with the women and weight topic in that she does not wish to talk about it. SO I guess, we did it for him.

Here is what he wrote: "I have been with my girl for a year and things with her are GREAT! However, I can't stand her friends. I don't understand how a down to earth girl, like my girlfriend, can be friends with these girls. Have you ever seen the movie "Mean Girls?" That's how her friends are. They keep meddling in our business and I just feel it might be a deal breaker. What should I do? Do I walk away, ask her to choose -- what's the best answer?"

Let's hear how the callers responded to our dilemma today and remember to tune in every weekday morning at 6:40 am to hear a new "Daily Dilemma" on the Sean and Richie Show. Now, press play and enjoy.