Here is today's daily dilemma for Monday, March 5th, 2012:

"My boyfriend and I are getting ready for our upcoming marriage.  We’re very excited, although we’re not unlike everyone else.  We have issues, but this one is big - the question is- how big?  I really love my last name and I don’t want to give it up.  My family is proud of it’s heritage and I have 5 other brothers.  They don’t have to worry about this problem- why should I have to relinquish that little bit of family history?  I can’t bring this up to my future husband.  He listens to what I have to say,, and then just shrugs his shoulders and says - 'this is part of the deal - take it or leave it.'  Do I honor his chauvinistic wishes and just take the name and be done with it, even though I don’t believe in this stupid tradition?"

What are your thoughts? We would love to hear your opinion on this one, just leave a comment at the bottom of this page. Here is what the listeners had to say this morning: