It is so hard to believe but here we are only two and a half weeks away from the 10th anniversary of the tragic events on September 11, 2001. I have always been a fan of a moment of silence, perhaps some introspection on that morning and a prayer for the victims and their families and  that's about it. It's isn't that I don't care or don't realize the scope of the tragedy, I think it's that I have never wanted to give those who attacked us on that day the satisfaction of knowing that they were so successful in their mission that they could alter my consciousness so profusely.

I only care about the victims and their families. I am all about support for them and the men and women who dedicate their lives to rescue and order, the fire and police forces. I think that is why I don't think their should be "Memorials" built, or Museums dedicated to the day. Again, its not for a lack of compassion for those most affected, it's more that I think in some way the terrorists are sitting back and basking in the way they have so impacted us, maybe even toasting to each  other their greatest success. I say no, we are Americans , we are strong and never afraid, we were hurt, we mourned our loved ones, we countered and more than anything as the human spirit that lives within us demands, we moved on. We will never forget, but we should refuse to become frozen in that one moment in time that was their greatest moment.

And that brings me to the reason for the blog. There is a winery in Long Island called, "Lieb Cellars" that have made two "special" 9/11 memorial wines. A white Chardonnay and a red Merlot made from "grapes grown just 90 miles from the World Trade Center." Are you kidding me? I am beside myself in disbelief but alas my friends, I kid you not. In fairness I should also report to you that the say that profits from the wine will go to the 9/11 Memorial to honor the victims. All the profits? I don't know but from what I have gathered, no. The wine sells for get his, $19.11 and 91.1 cents will go to the charity. While the use of the numbers 9 and 11 are so very clever , I do not believe that that happens to be the exact profit line on the wine. Again, to be fair, I do not know as I am not in the wine making trade.

Maybe I'm nuts but this just rubs me so wrong. It makes me want to put on my Levi 9/11 jeans, and my 9/11 t-shirt, get in my Ford 911, grab a quick 9/11 value meal at McDonald's and get on I91 and drive right into Canada. (Authors note: to the best of my knowledge, Levi's, Ford, and McDonald's really don't sell these items, I'm not even certain there is an Interstate 91 or that it would even lead me to Canada.) I hope you can see my point.

God Bless.