I am! I'm MAD!  That's the best way to describe it.  I should be sympathetic, I know. Addictions are a bon-a-fide illness, and she' s had a long history with it.  It's very likely that this is what took her life. My heart goes out to her and the family, of course.  But underneath all of that, I am STILL angry.  Can I tell you why?

Whitney Houston was more than a voice.  She was a voice in many ways.  How many young singers use her as the "gold standard"?  The model upon which all great singers are judged against?  Will I go as far as say role model?  Yes - exactly.  She was the voice that so many singers wish they had and try their hardest to be like.


I'm mad at her for wasting her God given, incredible talent that others could have actually learnt from.  It's a talent that people would give their left and right arm for, and she did it so effortlessly.   Maybe I'm not explaining myself right. Let me use a more drastic example.  Can you imagine if it came out that Taylor Swift was a crack addict and lost her voice for good?   There are probably MILLIONS of young girls who look up to her, want to write like her and dress like her and be like her.  I'd be mad at her too.  She would be destroying the dream of so many who look up to her.  Do these people owe something back to the public? YES!!!!!

This is a pretty extreme point of view, I'll admit, but I actually think superstars should think hard about all of the people they affect.  They ARE role models.   Maybe drilling that point home to them at the very beginning of their careers would make them change behavior.

Am I being idiotic here?  Harsh? Stupid?  Too idealistic?  Would love to hear your comments below.