Don't lie.  You know you will.  We all will watch. The Caitlin Jenner saga is a fascinating one, for sure. And there really is a serious message behind it. 

First and foremost - the details.  I Am Cait will air on Sunday nite at 8am on "E".  There will be 8 episodes, so I'm sure they'll be some funny moments.  She does have a great sense of humor.  But if you check out the clip that they are using for promos, you'll see the anguish here as she worries about how her message going to be received and perceived.  Check this out.

You can read more on the E Entertainment website.

The more I hear what she's trying to say though, the more it makes me livid at how people of ALL ages bully and ridicule and belittle (and even MURDER) others because they are "different".  I know it's not going to change anything by me writing this, but THINK about it for a second.  What right does anyone have to outwardly put down and harm someone else because they don't look or act like you?  Go ahead and think what you want.  You can't control others' thoughts, but it should end there.  Will be interested to see how well the show goes over with you folks.

PS.  Are YOU or one of your children being bullied for some reason?  Here's a great resource for help.  It's the Academy For Character Education at the Sage Colleges website. Spend some time on it.  It could really help.