Here she comes, chugging strong toward the east coast of the United States. It's Hurricane Irene, and the state of North Carolina is not taking any chances.

Some Carolina coastal areas have already undergone evacuation way ahead of Irene's arrival. The storm at this moment is producing hurricane force winds as far as 70 miles from the cloud band which means the power the storm is carrying at core bands are extremely powerful. Country 107.7, WGNA-FM is watching this system very closely and working with News 10 meteorologist Steve Caporrizzo to stay on top of the local weather situation as Irene makes her move to the East coast. The real "red" zone for us as it appears now will be Sunday morning. Country 107.7 will be ready if needed for live local coverage, and we will get the information out to you if it looks bad. Stay tuned, and if you don't have a battery operated portable radio now would be a good time to grab one, and of course some batteries just in case. Here is some recent NASA video of Hurricane Irene in HD so you can see the size of the storm as it moves toward the coast.