Hunter Hayes is one of the most talented musicians in country music today. He can play a ridiculous amount of instruments, and he plays them all well. He is also a very talented singer and performer. Today though, it is the song writing of this 22 year old that has me wondering how in the world can one kid be this damned good.

If you watched the "Grammy's" you may have heard him do the song "Invisible". I never watch them so I missed it, that is why I may be a little bit late to this parade. Recently though, the official video came out for the song and I was blown away. If you have not heard the song or seen this video I think you might be blown away as well.

The message is so strong. I think it encompasses something I like to remind myself of a lot, that nothing even pain last forever and when you are looking back you often don;t even remember the times that when you were in them you thought you would /could never get through. I always called it my rocking chair test, I think when I'm old sitting in my rocking chair and thinking back on my life will this even matter? Will I even remember it?  Quite often the answer is no.

Hunter at only 22 years old however found a way to say it much better than I ever could. He says that this song is very autobiographical and I think that makes it even more strong. I suppose he hopes what I hope, that after hearing it everyone realizes that we all have these pains and we all hurt, you are never alone and that most importantly it WILL pass. Stay strong!

Enjoy. (PS. you will LOVE the guitar solo...)