Sometimes I think I'm going to run out of towns. Other times I think people are going to RUN me out of town for bothering them for information.  But I love creating songs for Your Town Thursday, so it's time to do it again.  Will it be Hudson Falls or Stephentown

logo by Richie

I've been playing around with a new piano logo.  I made this myself - on my iPhone!  What CAN'T you do with that thing?

And of course this has nothing to do with what I am asking you for!  I would like to create one more song before I go on vacation next week, and the fight has begun.  I've had several requests in the past for Stephentown, and also for Hudson Falls.

Who will it be?  Please leave your choice in the comment section along with at least 2 facts about it!  The song will air Thursday morning in the 8 oclock hour and also will be repeated here on the website!  Good luck!