Ahhh Valentines.  What a wonderful Holiday where we all take a moment and celebrate love and all it has to offer.  Where both men and women alike pause to contemplate their hearts and show appreciation to all those who fill it with warmth.   A time of purity,  honesty and sharing your inner thoughts and feelings with another person.  How'd I do?  I know right? I almost started to believe that crap myself.  I really have to be careful of the things I write. Such a wordsmith.

Truth is everyone is careful and holds back on things they want you to know.  Especially early in a relationship.  So how do you find things out without asking?  Well it's kind of a trick answer.  You have to ask , but you don't have to ask about what you really want to know. According to (OKCupid), there are certain questions that will get you an answer to something more important that you may want to know.  You gotta love psychology.

Lets say you wanted to know if your potential partner is religious.  Instead of asking that potentially dangerous question you can ask, "Do spelling and grammar mistakes really bother you?" It would seem that people who are OK with bad grammar have a two to one chance of being at least moderately religious.

What if you ask, " Do you prefer the people in your life to be simple or complex?"  Well, people who prefer complex friendships and relationships are liberal at a two to one rate. Convexly, those who prefer the simple folk are two to one more times likely to be conservative.

How will you know if there is long term potential for the two of you?  Well that requires three seemingly random questions. " Do you like horror movies?"  "Have you ever traveled around another country alone?" and "Would you throw it all away and live on a sailboat?"  It would seem that 32% of people who answered those three questions the same have successful relationships.

I know, I know these are great but not what you really want to know. Not the one that is the trickiest.  I got you covered my friends.  So if you want to know if there is going to be a little first date action.  This is the simplest question of all, just ask " Do you like the taste of beer?"  Great question, i know.  It would seem that 60% of beer drinkers of both genders are more likely to get down to business on the first date.  Your welcome.

Now my friends it's home for a nice weekend of rest and relaxation.  I think I'll start it off with an ice cold beer.  I do love beer.

God bless.