At some point I guess everyone has to to deal with people they just can't seem to get along with at work. In this scenario, the writer feels that he made a valid attempt to make a working relationship with one of those people and feels like he got stabbed in the back for it. I cant imagine how mad that would make me, or what I would do about it. Fortunately for this listener we have "The Daily Dilemma" on The Sean and Richie Show every weekday morning at 6:40 am. Where you the listener can write in to us with your dilemma and we let the listeners tackle your problem for you. If you have a dilemma all you have to do is e mail us here at We'd love to help you out.

Let's see what our listener wrote in today: "I have a really good job that I'm really good at. But there's another guy in another department who is department manager. Part of my job is to do things to make his job easier. But he is hell bent on making me feel like he is my boss. Recently, we had a man-to-man "sit down" conversation where I thought we had reached an agreement -- an understanding. However, my direct boss came to me yesterday and told me that this "other guy" went to our corporate head and told that person I was mean to him. Do I have permission to punch him?"

Do you think you know how our callers advised this guy? Let's hear what the callers chimed in with: