Memorial Day, a day set aside for all of us to take the time to remember and appreciate the men and women who gave the ultimate sacrifice for our country. But what do you do? How do you celebrate the day other than get a day off  work, open the pool, have a barbecue and invite friends over to have few drinks?  Do you have a moment of silence? Do you say a prayer? I answer this question with something my Mom always said to me.

My Mom always said, "Don't visit me and bring me flowers after I am gone, do it now while I can enjoy it." So I don't.  I had to figure out a different way to honor the memory of my Mom and I try to do it by still trying to be the kind of Son that makes her proud.  And that is what I think we should do to honor the people who sacrificed their lives for this wonderful land we call America. We can honor them by being the kind of Americans they would be proud of. And while we can not thank them or take care of their needs anymore we can do it for their compatriots who are risking their lives as we speak. Here are some ideas for you.

  • 1.Show your patriotism. Hang an American flag at your house. Tie a yellow ribbon around a tree in your yard or even get yourself one of those magnetic ribbons for your car. Something, anything to show you care for those who defend you.
  • 2. Volunteer. There are many men and women who would benefit greatly from just a little of your time. Even if it's just a visit to an injured Veteran. You can find out more about volunteering at or
  • 3. Send a letter or care package to a soldier overseas. You would be amazed at what getting a letter can do for a soldier's moral. I can still remember the feeling of Christmas we got in Basic Training every single time we got mail. You can find out more at or at the site I gave a link to above.
  • 4. Donate. We here at Townsquare Media have a great organization called Townsquare Cares.  This is a wonderful charity started by our company co-founder Steven Price in his words, "We at Townsquare Media are committed to supporting our military men and women and their families at a grass-roots level through community outreach and collaboration with local and national charities. Please join us in supporting those to whom we all owe our deepest gratitude." TO make a donation please click this link,
  • 5. Vote. If you want to show appreciation for those who gave their lives for your freedom and liberty. Use it!  Get involved in policies both local and national. Make sure your voice is heard and your vote is counted. This is what these brave people sacrificed everything for. Make a promise to yourself, and them that this year you will register, you will find out more about the people making the choices for you  and those who still defend us overseas and at the very least, you will cast a vote.

And in retrospect, a moment of silence or a prayer at your barbecue couldn't hurt either. Happy Memorial Day, and God Bless. If you enjoyed reading this post, you might also like a post I wrote in December called, "Honoring Soldiers"