Golf continues to be a huge mystery to me.  I have a major love hate relationship with it.  It's great getting out there, but everyone around me is always better.  7 year olds, 85 year olds.  People who limp onto the course still do better.  So I thought I'd give you some things NEVER to do, because I've done them all

It's so ironic.  We have a golf tournament named after Sean and myself, and I suck.  They should white out my name!  No. Don't even ask.  I'm not going to show video of my swing.  Don't even ask.  But I did find a guy on YOUTUBE who has a similar swing, so I thought I'd let you laugh at him instead of me

So there's #1.  Don't do that in public.

#2.   If a row of ducks are crossing in front of you right before you tee off, never EVER, even jokingly exclaim "I'm aiming for the fat one in the middle" .  It happened to me once.  I hit a duck right in the stomach.  I will now do a quick impression of the sound of the duck:
Sound of the duck by WGNA-FM

Do I need to go on here?  What's your worst golf experience.  I need to know so I feel better!

If you'd like to come out and play golf, there still might be room.  Here's some more info from Sean's blog