Alright you turkeys.  No, not you!  Im talking to the actual birds that we know and love and devour around this time of year.  Do you have any idea how fascinating you are? Let's see if the folks out there in the blogosphere know the answers to these questions about you, OK?

  1. 1.A turkey will go blind if it looks up when its raining.  T or F?
  2. When they do see well, they have fantastic peripheral vision.  T or F
  3. If a turkey flies at full throttle, it could be pulled over in Niskayuna where the speed limit is 40 mph.  T F
  4. Harry S Truman actually wanted the turkey to be the national bird   T or F
  5. A turkey can actually get a heart attack    T or F

(Answers at the bottom.  Hey-no cheating, you turkeys!)





  1. False.  But it can drown, so that's way worse!
  2. True.  They have a 270 degree field of vision.  Talk about eyes in the back of your beak!
  3. True-  they can crank it up over 55 mph-  True Northway speeds!
  4. False.  It was Ben Franklin
  5. True!   When airforce jets break the sound barrier, sometimes whole flocks of them keel right over


Thanks for playing our game.  Sorry, no prize here.  Just give thanks that you have dumb trivia games to help you waste time!