Someone in the great state of South Carolina is $400 million richer!

Although no one has come forward to claim it yet, the winning ticket for the Powerpall was sold last week at a gas station in Lexington, South Carolina.  The winning numbers were... 7,10,22,32,35 - the Powerball was 19.

The actual value of the prize is $399.4 million, with a direct cash option of $233 million.

It's the largest Powerball winning ticket sold in South Carolina and the fourth largest in the history of the game!  You probably remember the elderly Florida woman who won the $590 million in May!

So, in honor of the new millionaire, I thought I'd compile a list of what you can buy with $233 million. (All numbers are approximate)

-1,165 $200,000 houses

-1.6 million Pairs of Nikes

-6,700 New Ford Explorers

-58,250,000 Big Macs

-1,170,000 iPhone 5s

-116,500 Tall cups of coffee from Starbucks

-3,106,670 Tanks of regular gasoline

-46 radio stations

-31 million Snickers Bars

Photo by Mark Sullivan/WireImage

So, there you have it, South Carolina lottery winner.  If you wanna blow your money quick, I'd love to take you shopping!