I know that sounds like a pun, but it really does bother me if this is actually true

According to the Times Union.com (and these are all allegations, mind you), some 17 year old kid supposedly knocked an elderly nun down in Albany and stole her purse.

I don't know if this makes any difference, but was she actually in her "habit" when she was accosted?  That would sicken me even more.

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Wait a minute - what am I thinking?  She was elderly.  She was knocked to the ground.  Hey, let's get even more basic.  She's a PERSON.  That should be enough of a reason to be sickened by this alleged incident, but it's becoming back page news lately.  Kim Kardashian's butt is front page.

More people have to stand up and at least voice their disgust.  I guess I just did (again, if it's true - I don't want to convict a 17 year old before I know the facts).

I hope it was a misprint by the Times Union, that's all I can say, because noone with a heart and a  conscience would knock anyone to the ground and steal their purse, no less a nun (would they?)