This is total opinion. I will try not to blab on here, but I really, honestly feel this way about this supposedly fun, innocent holiday. Here goes.
  1. We used to call our neighbors "Aunt" this or "Uncle" that. There was no need to be walked from house to house with parents clutching your hand out of fear. We trusted everyone because our neighbors were our "family." How many can say that today?
   2. We now have to inspect everything in the bag because of what some weirdo might inject or force into that healthy apple laying in the bottom. What are we, agents of the Food and Drug Administration? We just want to have a good time! (Now if you want to trade in your old candy for the new, trusted variety, we are the place!  Come down tomorrow morning and join us for Trick or ReTreat!)

   3. You can't have your child wear anything that might be seen by some sicko on a neighborhood watch list as suggestive. Something you never would have even considered when I was growing up.

   4  A new rash of worry - kids throwing pumpkins off of bridges to hit unsuspecting cars. I mean, we used to "dabble" with throwing an egg or two, or maybe toilet papering a car once in awhile, but never even CONSIDERED doing something that might KILL people!!
    5  Every costume you wear has to be P.C. free.
            Dress like an indian?  (ask the Redskins - it ain't cool)
                     In blackface?   (OK, that was never cool -where is your brain, Julianne?)
                     As a woman?  (you might be making fun of the transgendered)
                     As a clown?    (you are insulting to a US Senator somewhere in America)
     The list goes on and on.
I definitely feel like I've channeled the late Andy Rooney tonight. "Don'tcha just HATE Halloween?  I Do!"