North Carolina has a virtual public education system and new this fall, an online gym class!

The online system exists so kids can get ahead or if they need an alternative schedule they can take classes online.

Wonderful, right? Maybe, except here's where you lose me.

This online gym class.

Yes, that's right, kids will be able to take Phys Ed from behind their computers, for actual high school credit.

The class description says, "Teachers will provide video demonstration of a physical activity or sport, then students will practice those skills and build their own video portfolios to document their progress and display mastery."

So... a teacher does an example video, then the kids make their own video... right, got it.

How do you practice things like basketball or relay races by yourself?

And is it really physical if you are making a short film in your bedroom?  How many calories would one burn doing that?

Kids in North Carolina will get to try the classes this fall.  If they're successful, kids around the state could get them by the spring!

So get ready New York, this could be coming at you soon!

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