Funny-I was just thinking about this.  These questions keep me up at night. I've seen the receipts for the Christmas presents so far, and it makes me wonder-ow does someone like  the Octomom buy presents for Christmas?  

After an exhaustive search, I found an interview where she attempts to answer this question. Turns out the woman is bankrupt and facing foreclosure, according to a story from,  This is amazing!

I never understood that lady, but here's where I stand, and then I want to know if you agree.  As much as I think she should suffer the consequences of having 14 children without thinking about the ramifications, I don't think these children should suffer.  I know what you're thinking-"should we the taxpayer have to foot the bill? I don't like the idea either, but 15 homeless people living in a tent doesn't appeal to me either, so what choice is there?  I didn't say I had an answer to where the money is coming from ,but I hate seeing the kids take the brunt.

Do you think she should be bailed out of her bankruptcy for the good of the kids, or do you think we should apply tough love to her?  Would love to know.  Leave your comments below!