There are many answers to this question. Ironically none of them are totally right or wrong. I have played horses for years on a small scale at Saratoga only and have a few tips that work for me.

You though should do what you like to do. Enjoy the races, and the crowd because honestly and truly it is not about the money. I always tell my friends that if you need money, you should not be at the track. Get a job, that is the only sure bet I know of to make money. My pre-race routine is pretty intensive and somewhat time consuming.

First, get the racing form 1 day ahead and spend three hours the night before you go looking at each race. I always pick three horses that I feel have the numbers to finish 1st, 2nd and 3rd. I then pick one extra horse for each race in case 1 of my my 3 get scratched before post time.

I stick to my picks. I never change my mind. I bet $10 per race, that's it. When it's gone, it is gone. If I win, then great. I never bet money I don't have.

The first bet I make is a 2 horse $2 dollar exacta box. This is a $4 total bet. It's always smart to box your bets becasue that way if you pick horses 5 and 3, and they finish 3 and 5 you still win the full price of the exacta.

The second bet I make is a $1 triple box with the 3 horses I like. This is a $6 total bet. If those horses finish 1st, 2nd and 3rd in any order it pays 1/2 of the triple price.

I don't make any other bets except these. Some days I'm on fire, others I don't win anything. Horse Racing at Saratoga is a fun day, and a historic place to visit. That's really what it's all about. I hope you win a few bucks during the meet. If you are looking for a good jockey to bet, Lezcano is not a bad place to start. LOL!