Sunday is usually my favorite day of the week this time of year. At this point in the morning I am usually watching football pre-game shows and my biggest concern is getting my fantasy football teams ready to go. Today, however I have a much bigger dilemma. My cat, "Patches," did not come in last night and when I woke this morning I realized why, she has climbed too far up a tree and is afraid to come down.

I honestly do not know what to do, so I am coming to my listeners for help. I assume I can't be the only person this has happened to so I am wondering how you may have handled a similar situation.

I am sure one's first thought might be, "call the fire department", but I know this isn't a cartoon and I am sure that they have much more important things to do today. There has to be another way to retrieve her or coax her down..... right?

She is far too high to reach with a ladder, I have pondered climbing the tree but the tree doesn't seem that climbable for humans and even if I can get to her I have no idea how I'd get her down.Do I wait? I mean part of me thinks she will eventually just brave it out and climb down.

Any ideas?