Are you stressed out at work.  Are you fighting to survive on your job? Maybe you need some useful tips from a very funny but very knowledgeable guest speaker.  Here's the where, what and how

The Academy For Character Education from the Sage Colleges is presenting a fantastic speaker on a great subject.  I work with them closely in association with the Reading, Writing and Rhyming Tour to push the "anti-bullying" message in Capital Region Schools.   They do great work with education and also provide help to the business community.  I will be emceeing the event this coming Monday at the Century House in Latham.


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I would like to thank Dr. Phil Fusco and Mel Horowitz for getting me involved with this.  Hey - maybe I can write a song with the adults that nite!  - OK, bad idea.  I don't think Dr. Birchak needs any help.   Ever seen him work?  Here's a video from YouTube

Can't wait to see him Monday nite.  Will you join us?  It's only $25.00, and remember that hors d'oeuvres are included too.  It may just change the way you look at your work.