Here is today's "Daily Dilemma":

Hey Guys,

I'll try to keep this brief, I'm a freshman in college and I'm miserable. Ever since I was little the one thing my Dad always made clear was that I would be going to and graduating college. He saved all my life for tuition and it is very important to him.

The problem is I am miserable and I really feel like I'm wasting years and a lot of his money. When I was little I got into racing, I love cars, engines and driving. Unlike a lot of kids my age I didn't get into racing because of my Dad, it was actually an Uncle who got me into it. My Dad, thinks it is a fools folly at best and always tells me I can never really be successful without a degree.

I know there is a good chance I may never be rich I probably wont be racing in the Sprint Series any time soon. I also understand that  a lot of people at the track barely get by or even go into debt just taking care of their cars. I really am fine with getting by if that's what it takes to stay in racing. I know I can at least do that, I am really good around engines.

So what do I do? I know even if I finish college I will be doing the same thing I'm doing now, there will always be grease under these finger nails.

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