This seems to be a question I am getting a lot of these days. I thought that I should address it though, because these things tend to sell out FAST. So here is the deal, if you have gone to a Price Chopper to buy WGNA Countryfest tickets you know that they are more than willing and able to sell you the basic Countryfest ticket for $35. They are not however selling the VIP tickets.

The ONLY way to get your VIP tickets is through On this site you can get both the regular general admission tickets AND the $65 VIP tickets which of course will get you the on -site parking and the special reserved area near the stage to view the show.

I have also been asked if people who have already purchased tickets can they "upgrade' to VIP tickets, unfortunately that is not going to be possible this year.

SO there you go, if you are looking for the VIP tickets:

No matter what kind of tickets you get though, GET THEM SOON. I know this event will sell out and I think it may be even sooner than last year!

Good Luck, and I will see you all at COUNTRYFEST!