I couldn't believe it.  We let the little guy out, he squats in the woods for a moment and does his thing.  That's his entire experience with "the wild".  Otherwise he walks on the street.  How did he get lime disease?  Well, I guess he's not alone.

Poor little guy.  I couldn't believe it when they said that our dog Spencer had lime disease.  I guess Niskayuna is infested with ticks.  I'm sure it's not alone!


According to a Times Union article, the tick dilemma is getting very serious. What can you get from a tick?  The article explains:

It is called anaplasmosis, and it feels like a terrible case of the flu or mononucleosis. The bacterial infection causes a fever, headache, muscle pain, malaise, chills, nausea and confusion...

The warm temps are definitely to blame, and this area can really see an uptick (sorry) in ticks.   Makes me think of the Brad Paisley song.  Here he is singing it on "Letterman", courtesy of YouTube.

But back to seriousness here, you should take precautions of course.  Here is another article you can skim through to get some ideas from about.com.

As for our dog Spencer , he's on medication and doing well - thanks for asking.    He started limping really badly, and that was supposedly a sign.

Good luck, and watch out for those little varmints!