Really? Roads completely unplowed in a major town like Niskayuna? I realize I drive in rather early, but I don't get it.  I could go on here, but I'd rather sing my complaint, if you don't mind in commemoration of the first winter snowstorm of the season.

There's a great country song out there right now called " Take A Backroad", by Rodney Atkins.  This is the honest truth.  As I was driving down Lisha Kill Road in Niskayuna this morning, I was "white knuckling it" all the way as the road was almost totally unplowed and cars were whizzing by me in my subcompact car.  All of a sudden this song popped up in my head and started dictating the lyrics into my phone to make it real.

Here's the result.  Enjoy.  (Hope you weren't in the same bad situation this morning and got to work OK. )

Note to self - next time I'm not taking a side road.  I'll go "Northway" like everyone else and REALLY "white knuckle" it.