Here is Today's Daily Dilemma:

flickr User, Nadya Peek

My dilemma is this: I hear from a certain family member only when they need something and most of the time it is MONEY. They don't call any other time to chat or even update what is going on. This family member has called me before and reminds me that I have said if they ever needed anything just ask.

Now mind you I have helped out when I could,  like buying clothes, diapers and food for their little ones. They have been saying I am lying to them about not having money but that isn't true. Now they are not talking to me, they are leaving N.Y. and wouldn't even say goodbye. I have tried calling but they won't answer my calls or even texts. Now mind you this is a close family member and I love him.

The worst part is their leaving and not saying goodbye to my son, he is heart-broken, and I feel hurt that he thinks I would lie to him about not having money but the thing is I don't have any money for them. I don't know what to do.

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