If you saw the movie, "The Social Network", you probably like me, thought that Mark Zuckerberg played by Jesse Eisenberg was a brilliant guy who was being sued by jealous friends who just wanted a piece of the fortune his idea and hard work provided. Now I can't say what is or isn't fact when it comes to Mark and Facebook but I can say after watching this video that "The Huffington Post" just found, I think the movie was just a tad bit off.

I guess in the very least the offices portrayed in the movie looked nothing like you see in the video. At the most, Jesse Eisenberg made Mark Zuckerberg seem a little bit smarter than the video makes him seem. To be fair, clearly he is a smart guy but with all the "likes" that utter from his mouth like a 12 year old girl and his seemingly lack of foresight in that he believes that in the future ( The video is from 5 years ago) , he doesn't seem to see where it all really is going.

The main thing that stands out for me is the amazing amount of alcohol strewn about the office and yes at 2:41 in the video you get to enjoy a keg stand. Enjoy.