WARNING: This video will make you "L.O.L." if you are watching it in the office be careful the boss isn't around. And be sure to share it with your friends and co workers.

A new study came out from a shoe company called, MBT. In it they discovered that women who wear shoes with heels of three inches or more are 40 times more likely to fall and be injured than those wearing shorter heels or no heels at all. I know, this is shocking news to me as well. I could rant for a while about how stupid some of these so called "studies" are but I'm glad about this one because it gave me a great idea for a blog.

I think the only thing better than beautiful women is watching beautiful women embarrass themselves. Come on, I'm not trying to be mean you know you laugh when you watch people falling on those home video shows. So in this case, instead of it being a sweet grandma or a dog tripping a toddler, it's models.

I'm pretty sure that the average woman can enjoy these women being brought down a few pegs, especially when its the pegs they are trying to walk on that does them in. After all, this is their job the one thing other than starve and look hot that they need to be good at. Men, I know you will enjoy it but really I could have stopped at just "hot women".

When i got the idea, I scoured the "YouTube" to find women falling in high heel shoes. I wanted to maybe find 3 or 5 really good falls to share with you. Then I lucked out and stumbled across this video of someone's top ten model falls. It had me from the start. I will say before you watch it though, that I definitely think they got the order wrong, there are more than a few that were early on in the video that could have easily been number 1.  I love 8, 6, and like most people something about number 4 is just too fun. I think number 1 may just be the hottest model of the bunch , not the best fall. Let me know which one you think deserves top honors. Enjoy.