The Reading Writing and Rhyming Tour this week made a special "whistle stop".  This was the first of the summer camp appearances, and certainly not the last.  Many of these summer camps that I go to take place in regular classrooms.  Nothing wrong with that, but to actually be outside singing in the Grafton State Park with the Hope 7 kids? Nothing like it!

Thanks to faithful listener Delina Pausley of Hope 7 Community Center, I was invited to help the kids write a camp theme song ("Hello Muddah, Hello Faddah" is a little bit dated I guess).  So thanks to Hannaford's continuing sponsorship, I was happy to ablige.   We met under a tent at the beautiful Grafton State Park.  After writing a theme song about Grafton itself not long ago, this was great because I got to see the area with my own eyes.

I quickly set the keyboard up on one of the picnic tables, and we quickly got to work with the 40 some kids gathered there.  One boy immediately yelled out "I'm going to be a DJ when I grow up".  Gotta love that kind of enthusiasm, so I let him audition right on the spot.
Garin announcer by WGNA-FM

He's too good!  I better start looking for work!

Now onto the actual song that they did.  (Please excuse the background wind noise, but that's the price you pay for recording live outside!)
Rrr hope 7 grafton park by WGNA-FM

So there you go - the next American Idols!  Thanks to all the kids for taking time out to write this great new song, and the other counselors for helping out as well