Your Town Thursday is on a Friday this week - we're in Hoosick Falls LIVE at the Falls Diner and we debuted the theme song for the Village of Hoosick Falls live on the air. Check out the audio and they lyrics to the song after the jump. 

Hoosick Falls is a small town just before you get to Vermont full of some great people. We were very thankful for the Falls Diner hosting us for the morning and even more excited to debut our fresh new song for the town.

"This is Hoosick Falls "

music by Brad Paisley

lyrics, music remix and all vocals Richie Phillips

©2012 Richie Phillips  All Rights Reserved


Well it was hard rhymin' all this information ,but it sure was fun

(and nothing could be finer than a breakfast at Falls Diner)

It's a place you associate with Grandma Moses, and the Battle of Bennington

Not true in fact it was actually fought in Walloomsac


Once a year I hear all the businesses in town they all close down

and go to the Carrier Dome to watch their team play ball

This is a place called Hoosick - Hoosick Falls


Pizza Bella, Big Moose Deli and Weebs Fish Fry , they're all in town

(and to bring food in -we shop at the "Union"),

The town's iconic but ironically the Falls are nowhere to be found

(and this is pretty neat, there's no churches on Church Street)


and the folks here aren't ashamed of their rather odd nicknames

like Coggy, Squeaky, Snooky, Wiggy, Slug and Admiral,

Buggers, Pockets, Toots and Wingnut live in Hoosick Falls


They've got a real cool  community pool, tennis courts and skating rink

(and a Senior Center, noone treats them better)

Don't need to drive far to Ferrara's and the Sandbar

where you can have your favorite drink

they've got it all, this is a place called Hoosick -Falls


Every summer they go to the park Gazebo to hear the community band

You know Wayne Trimm, you might not know him

the greatest wildlife painter in the land

and the Eberle Brothers, they are all from Hoosick Falls

No matter what the weather, they all stick together -this is Hoosick Falls

This Is Hoosick Falls - theme song (right click to save)