Because we kicked off the Small Town Tour in Hoosick Falls I thought it was a great time to visit Hoosick Falls Central School and do a song with the kids. Check out the song we did together after the jump.

We visited the second graders taught by Mrs. Gardner, Mrs. McEvoy, and Mrs. Bartosik. All of the kids were great! Alvah, Avarie, Ben, Kara, Jamie,  Tanner, Lindsey, Tucker, Andrey, Karli, William, Baylee, Josh, Brady, Anthony, Allison, Miles, Michael, and Allysson all did a great job for us!

Hoosick Falls Central Kids Song (right click and save)

Lyrics to "Welcome To Hoosick Falls" (kids' song)

© 2012 Richie Phillips/Hoosick Falls Elementary School, All Rights Reserved


Welcome to Hoosick falls

we don't have any malls,

We have lots of little stores,

Biancas, Thorpes and so much more


We welcome you with open arms,

To see our landscapes and our farms

At the youth center you can play,

In fact you can stay all day


(they close at 6)


The band plays in Wood Park

we run around in the dark

admission doesn't cost a dime

for the festival in the summertime


So come to Hoosick Falls

you're guaranteed to have a ball

We're the kids from Hoosick Falls school

Now it's time to go to the pool


woo- hoo

Thanks for hosting me!