On Saturday, September 22, 2012 I'll be hosting a benefit for the Hoosic Valley Rescue Squad with music, dance, karaoke, food, and a live concert with "The Spirit of Johnny Cash Show."

We recently asked Tom Ryan of the Hoosic Valley Rescue Squad some questions about the event and what it's like to work as an EMT in the Albany Area.

Why did the Hoosic Valley Rescue Squad decide to host a fundraiser?

The Hoosic Valley Rescue Squad decided to host this event to raise money for equipment for the ambulances. We are in need of replacing stretchers in both ambulances.

How many calls for help did you have this year?

Hoosic Valley Rescue Squad has responded to over 700 emergency calls so far this year. We now have paramedics on board and have become an ALS (advanced Life support ) agency.

What is the most common emergency situation?

So far this year the most frequent emergency calls are for chest pains and car accidents.

What made you want to be a part of the Rescue Squad?

I started with the squad 30 years ago when i was 16. I have always wanted to help the public. I have worked my way up the ranks from being President to most currently the Chairman of the board of directors. I feel that this has been my calling. to serve the community of Schaghticoke.

What helps you get through the most traumatic emergency situations?

Hoosic Valley Rescue Squad has responded to a lot of calls a couple years ago our agency went through a period of fatal car accidents all young people. Our membership came together and helped each other out during this time of grief and disbelief. We have a wonderful support system with each other. Our agency is a family oriented agency and we are always there for each other. What helps us get through these times is talking and listening to one another, and being as supportive as possible.

For tickets to the Hoosic Valley Family Fun Day Saturday, September 22, 2012, call 518-817-2270.  $20 tickets include all entertainment and food, including a chicken BBQ at 4pm.

The Hoosic Valley Rescue Squad is located at 1448 NY Route 40, Schaghticoke, NY, 12154.