On June 14, we always celebrate Flag Day, and show how patriotic that we can be. I know there are so many people that will be displaying our great symbol outside their homes and businesses. Flag Day will be greatly represented right here in the Albany area, like my friends at the Bethlehem Memorial Post 3185 VFW, in Delmar, and all of the VFW posts in America, to American Legion posts in our great United States. Let's not forget our veterans at the Albany Stratton VA Medical Hospital. And of  course all of the organizations that represent our veterans. We raise our flags for our country and our veterans - past, present and future, that help us keep our freedom.

The great Johnny Cash recorded a song called 'Ragged Old Flag'. I found a classic video of the 'Man In Black' performing this great song. In honor of Flag day, I'd like to share it with you.